They Played the Game: Names of Ex-College Cagers May Surprise You

There is a theory in some knowledgeable sectors that basketball players are the most versatile team sport athletes around the globe. For instance, before icon Michael Jordan abandoned basketball for baseball, or before Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward mulled over a choice between basketball and football, or before the widespread jacks-of-all-trades fascination with football/baseball standouts Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, or before Bill Bradley, Bob Dole, Robert Casey, John Glenn, Al Gore, Barack Obama and Mo Udall were presidential candidates, there was a bevy of ex-hoopsters who also excelled in other areas of interest. has conducted exhaustive research regarding former college basketball players who made a bigger name for themselves off the court - in other athletic endeavors (baseball, football and secondary sports) plus prominent actors/entertainers, authors/writers, businessmen and politicians.