Predictable Pathetic Presstitutes: What Differences Does It Make? Part II

"Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." - William F. Buckley Jr.

If permanently-injured CNBC was part of a horse network rather than peacock, the smear machine would have to be shot after woeful performance moderating a Republican debate. Reinforcing what many right-thinkers (not left-feelers) already believe with CNBC's John Whorewood serving as Exhibit A (as in _ss), the American media can no longer be trusted. Their warped make-love-not-war sentiment includes lying to the masses about what comprises a winner following Hillary Rotten admitting lying about who was responsible for the murders of individuals under her charge. Whether it is assessing the veracity of an owe-your-gender-one presidential candidate by national political pundits or prominent college basketball coach by the toy department (sports), an overwhelmingly liberal lame-stream press predictably focused on style (Ready For Hillary 2016) over substance (Shrillary for Prisoner 2016) and gave Rick Pitino's polluted program an accountability pass. In the feeble minds of genius lib-nuts, it is justifiable or there is rationale for certifiably corrupt Clinton already deserving designation as POTUS-in-waiting and Pitino's "free-love" contract with Louisville should be extended another couple of terms for more Get-Your-Fill-In-The-Ville pitiful parties.

Call the mess-media debris Lyin' Brian fallout as the pathetic press sniffs Dr. Ben droppings similar to "The View" of pack of demented dogs. In a previous election cycle, a slobbering NBC anchor Brian "Save the Tin Foil" Williams of climate-change commercial fame (a/k/a self-proclaimed patriot) was fond of displaying adoring news magazine "halo" covers to failed President Barack Obama and then asking if His Earness' mother would have liked the image. No wonder Williams, another thrill-down-his-leg Peacock employee, was criticized for such a softball interview of Obama, who seems more comfortable in a mosque and exhibits more cartoon-like aggression toward Christian Conservatives dictating rules of engagement than to cartoon-hating Muslim marauders murdering Seal Team 6 patriots. Since Pinocchio nose-for-news Williams is in dire need of a drool bucket and truth serum, perhaps one of his echo-chamber counterparts who isn't certified Obama Orgasmic should brandish photos of murdered Americans in front of pen-and-a-phone POTUS and ask DingleBarry if he sleeps well at night knowing the Monarch Messiah did everything humanly possible before and during the Benghazi consulate attack to protect and save these hero sons of steadfast mothers. The Drone Ranger could also be asked what was the "dishonor-the-memory" initiative for give-me-a-break trusted "cloth-wiping comrade" when the former Secretary of State flippantly said during previous testimony: "What difference does it make?"

Insofar as "I Am Woman/Hear Me Bore" (curing insomnia even more than fossilized sex-expert socialist/Russia honeymooner Bozo Bernie) and a vital general weren't interviewed by the less-than-thorough accountability review board, the difference could be a "smidgeon" of honesty with the country's citizens boasting a triple-digit IQ vs. cover-up deception with much of the misguided media such as ABC phony journalist Gorgeous George serving as maddening wicked accomplices. Amid a geriatric "Free Spit vs. Bull Spit" duel, a probing press sits on the bottom-feeder sideline missing as much as the Rose Law Firm documents collecting dust on a table years ago in Hillary the Horrible's White House office (probably under Bubba's strategically-placed cigar box) or authenticity of Lyin' Brian's stories. Media misfits keep up with facts and vital news as well as former First Fabricator does her hustler husband's "Energizer" Honey after serial sexual harasser Sick Willie's number of extra-martial affairs more than doubled the age of a pizza-delivering intern in the Oral Office. In the wake of Moonlite Bunny Ranch hookers endorsing Stepford Shrillary, Bimbo-chasing Bubba probably headed West Old Man to join Lamar Odom in verifying level of libido support unless hedge-fund billionaire buddy Jeffrey Epstein arranged another more stimulating trip.

Speaking of arousal, perhaps saucy Megyn Kelly could pry herself loose from an unwanted Roger Ailes hug and try one of her GQ poses to lure the "I-wasn't-thinking-a-lot" Compassionate Communist into the Fox News lair for an authentic interview focusing on more than Hot Sauce in purse. At least shrewd Kelly, a former lawyer, knows a jury needs to be comprised of peers of the accused shrew. In this instance, it will be 12 liars, con artists and/or corrupt politicos resembling her shady staff and haughty hangers-on. Beyond driving her spouse crazy to where he can't define "is" and probably installed a bed rather than desk in his Harlem office, the only thing HRC has driven in the last 20-plus years is a broom. The First Felon's dignity bound together with duct tape after flaunting defense of man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl, Ms. Re-set Button also apparently hasn't done the wash enough like common folk to know how to tell "co-worker" to get stain off a dress. Between choleric coughing fits choking on her own Demonrat drivel, seems as if the Hag Been was too busy selecting Star Trek wardrobe while ignoring pleas from a soon-to-be murdered sacrificial-lamb ambassador seeking more security. Only gullible groupies grasp how he couldn't get through protective maze although someone as vital as virile actor Ben Affleck was anointed with Hillaryous' direct email amid her compromising shoddy handling of top-secret-plus communiques. Look for her to conduct brief news conference and tersely say: "I did not have inappropriate email with that server."

Anyone with a brain wave knew right off the bat "sleep-deprived" Hil-liar-y (thought she said "don't feel no ways tired") was fibbing about bogus Bosnia sniper-fire battle when Cacklin' Cankles claimed she "ran" rather than waddling over to pose for photographs with her iPhone and teenage daughter at the time. ISIS probably is using video of Hillary's escape artistry, comparable to her tale about Chelsea jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11, to instruct recruits how to elude enemy gunfire. Excessive lying takes a lot out of an old geezer, leaving one with "very low energy" and bags under their eyes while protecting Wall Street speech transcripts more than national top secrets on private server. Apparently in dire need again of beauty sleep, she cut Z's instead of getting vital intelligence briefing just days after the Benghazi attack. No wonder Sleepy avoided family members of victims and was uninterested in viewing riveting movie "13 Hours" inasmuch as George-Soros-in-drag "already slept through it once." Ignoring more than 600 requests for security from "friend" she never talked with after hiring him, did the well-traveled Secretary of State, sporting a fake smile reeking of psychopath, savage the truth maneuvering more adroitly than "the guys out for a walk" who savaged four Americans in Libya? Donning a wig or not, perhaps she could have moved more adroitly if been able to join the Marines. Keg Legs' dressing-down actions such as server-wiping come out of the blue similar to wiping superior-server Monica's DNA-stained blue dress or hurling a blue vase.

In a rare moment of candor, former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell implied majority of the left's female supporters are ugly. Hitlery's hugely-hyphenated hatchet hags/goon girls/treacherous toadies, including Muslim Brotherhood-connected Ms. Huma Abedin-Weiner-Danger, left a permanent "stain" on credibility by discarding their Blackberry, which should earn each of them a "term" (four years behind bars) unless investigators are card-carrying Dimocraps or politically savvy as Charles Barkley. An above-the-law home-brew email account utilized on government time "transparently" describes orchestrating mindset of the frosty frequent-flyer faker forgetting to bring her pretty-and-pink outfit out of mothballs (rather than "drowned rat" look or pretty-in-prison-suit-orange) while explaining with grating voice if didn't-really-think-it-through Snapchat Queen had sufficient sleep after yoga workout when deleting more than 30,000 "personal" emails. Long before she accrued wrinkle filler by the barrel with her 4-H Fan Club President Andrea Mitchell (Hill's Haughty Hack Horde), you can go to HELLary for ethical lapses all the way back to her involvement in the Watergate probe.

In a best-case scenario, the ratio of Over-the-Hill's deleted emails from an apparently premeditated setup indicates she spent more than half of her arduous labor conducting personal business circling the sewer drain on government time despite her sordid spouse failing to use email. As Yoda Jr. lackey Cheryl Mills does her reset-button bidding, it takes a village idiot to fail to discern the litany of lies whenever the Margaret Sanger devotee's lips are moving; although comedy relief is welcomed when repulsive reprobate embraces black voice imitation mode. While the furor among cultist mouthpieces depended on what the meaning of classified is, a rendezvous in a dimly-lit parking garage wasn't even necessary for Hillary's email scandal to remind Washington Post Watergate sleuth Bob Woodward of the Nixon tapes. If accurate about her emails would have been safer on Ashley Madison's cheating website according to former NBC news reporter Fred Francis, the alleged world's smartest woman (despite failing to discern spouse was in adjacent room securing a Monica) is "Queen of the Bile" unqualified to even carry bed-pan urine in or around the nation's capitol. Always confusing to the unwashed exemplified by her stance on dealing with ISIS (whether upper or lower case, defining is-is defies description for her and sordid spouse), the Democratic Dominatrix's theme song at coronation ceremonies should emanate from a Leslie Gore tune with the following updated lyrics: "It's my Party and I can lie if I want to . . . ."

In the meantime, expect another Goiter Goddess tear-fest at a Cafe' Expresso so the serfs and plebeians (militant feminists, welfare magnets, victim-hood vultures, societal illegals, lazy leeches, retread hippies, Hollyweird selfie sluts, etc.) "feel" compelled to vote for the ultimate empty pants suit because the personality-deficit-disorder eyesore is "sad as Eeyore." How convenient the State Department attorney (Katherine Duval) in charge of document production in the classified information scandal had a stint at the IRS putting her at the center of another high-profile missing-email case. Upon a smoking gun emerging during a FBI probe, it should be relayed to the paw-some presidential candidate in the following "classified" way: "Say 'hello' to my little friend (ghost of John Dean or non-wiped server containing pertinent information)." After the wicked witch falls off national schoolmarm wannabee campaign broom, she shouldn't balk taking a "Balkan run" so a departure door doesn't hit prolific place where the Good Lord amply split her! But if Grandma the Great is dispatched to jail, who will be there to succeed the Secretary of Yoga in supporting all the forlorn females and children around the world? For crying out loud, how long will we be subjected to Curse Ratchet barking about needing to clarify on her classified statement regarding clarification of the statement she'd previously tried to clarify? Upon seeking a future headline if AG Loretta Lynch properly defines gross negligence, don't be stunned if Hillary's hell-on-earth cellmate sues for "cruel and unusual punishment" around the time Sean Penn conducts an El Chapo-like interview for Rolling Stone. If her side of the aisle succeed in ridding Gitmo of disgusting terrorists, it would be fitting if she was incarcerated there as their replacement symbolizing Central Committee corruption.

Are we required to stop constructing boxcars and reinforce at least one inquiry for which we're entitled a direct answer? Shrillary Rotten, as callous as probable supporters and depraved Josephine Mengele baby butchers from Planned Profithood flushing down an organic salad with red wine while the ghouls gleefully discussed "crunchy" dismembering of a "17-weeker" or Lamborghini dreaming, needs to undergo a polygraph test to gauge her truth telling. If not a veracity quiz, then how about a driving test since she is so fond of mingling with commoners evidenced by her rope-around-a-dope during a holiday parade? The Dimorat dilemma stemming from Benghazi bungling, IRS mess and self-serving server are textbook examples of cheesy corruption. Weep for our nation because thumb(drive) suckers/bed wetters among the mess media and political players needing brain bleach are in positions of power rather than rooms with padded walls. Memo to nanny-state speech-control puppeteers: What does the "I" in ISIS/ISIL stand for? Amid the Out House whining and dining excessively with Planned Murderhood, the cultural hope and change among the intellectually and morally bankrupt is on steroids. How else can one explain vanity of Bruce Jenner evolving nearly 40 years after Wheaties Box appearance to secure a social-engineering courage award from ESPN (Extra Sensitive Pious Network)? Actually, it takes infinitely more fortitude these days to say you are white, religious and conservative man proud of your heritage and unashamed to voice your life matters, too. But if in need of some grins amid hags and thugs striving to suppress your voice, real men can console themselves that, if Bruce gives another Olympian effort and focuses on Hill's Chairman Mao outfits and $600 haircuts to try to match number of security requests from an ambassador, he can almost end up looking like Hellary, who probably needed to spend $6,000. Cosmetically, it's comparable to slim odds of viewing a video featuring an attractive female employee from PP's plundering Hag Haven Holocaust hem-hawing over whether to sell body parts or send them to a landfill. You'd have more success locating Sasquatch among the visual birth control or, for that matter, an authentic racist soiling the ranks of Tea Party patriots.

Amid Clinton joking with all the warmth of a slug about breaking the law while using her supporters like yesterday's trash, the general public can't possibly have any faith in a pathetic press monitoring these contemptible characters protecting bugs more than babies. A parade of progressive puke running their mouths on outrageous cable sibling MSNBC (Moronville rather than Nerdland), in dire need of mental health checks to "pilot" their valueless programs where "All Truth Matters" is a hateful remark, clearly has contaminated the vanishing credibility of the network's news division. Between stints virtually serving as Shrillary campaign managers, insufferable Krystal "Punked I" Ball and aging Andrea "Punked II" Mitchell probably passed up Williams in their internal on-air personality rankings before execs triggered an internal fact-finding mission. At some crooked juncture, Lyin' Brian probably told "Kibble Bits" Mitchell he was there when Sick Willie dealt with Juanita Broaddrick and never saw a rape occur. When Yoda's mother Andrea, separated at birth from ET twin James Carville, subsequently fell out of the unethical tree, she struck every ranch on the way down dodging "sniper" comments similar to "discredited" Shrillary.

But isn't "fact" a dirty four-letter word to the steady stream of imbeciles deemed "talent" on this deplorable "Lien Forward" network shackled by hypocritical flock of tax cheats? Despite shifting around human-waste time slots like plunger in a commode, MSLSD's principal audience remains comprised of its control room, about half of a haughty host's immediate family plus far-left lunatics attempting to get a glimpse of their relatives on Lockup. After serving a six-month suspension, Williams was consigned to a sinking ship as (fabricating) face of an egregious enterprise. Williams said his undefined number of stretched stories "came from a bad place" and then got to return to the stench of a bad place (MessLSD), which is to journalism what the National Enquirer is to literature and what Mika the Mannequin is to regal reporting. Despite his excessive baggage, Williams is an improvement over MessLSD's low-grade lineup and witless panels unless he also failed to attend a H&R Block tax seminar. Mingling amid this cesspool of flooded-out fools fond of fake squaw Elizabeth Warren (a/k/a "Pow Wow Chow" contributor Lie-awatha), the paleface press potentate at least won't have to fib about seeing (brain)dead bodies, tingling or not, pass him in the halls of his esteemed workplace where falsehoods come as naturally as breathing.

As laughable as Trumping Univision antagonist, courageous NBC executives avoided interviews on their own networks about the Jimmy Carter intern who never graduated from college. In other words, NBC's brass knew for an extended period about the truth decay as Williams frequently was fond of fables but they allowed the storytelling go on and on and on. Sounds similar to the way the wink-and-nod enablers and their piss-poor press counterparts such as Today's Matt Liar treat 50-troop "man" Obama by persistently kissing the ring in No Drama's back pocket plus coddling delusional Dims claiming climate change will force women into prostitution. Meanwhile, the BBC's chatty Katty Kay can't quite comprehend between her going-to-pot MSNBC appearances whether Mainstream Media Midget George tilts left or right - which is equivalent to discerning if the Earth is flat or round. Ditto the gall of Judy Woodruff claiming she is a fair-and-balanced news reader while NPR virtually ignored the Planned Murderhood videos scandal. Do you have any doubt these media mavens give hemorrhoid-causing Hillary a pass when she seamlessly revises and extends remarks to their limits as much as stretching seams of her pants suits? The leftist butt-kisser's club members will also do the same for clean-and-articulate Vice Plagiarist Joe Biden in regard to his anemic charitable donations. Shouldn't MSNBC's misguided Mike Barnicle be a Biden booster solely because they're both profound plagiarists or have they already been admonished as JV by POTUS because "You Didn't Write That"?

Helicopter hallucinator Williams, the (bald) face (liar) of NBC News with a five-year, $50 million contract, slapped veterans in the face with his distortion about being "under fire" during the Iraq War. The Chinook Crooks, including Williams' NBC crew, are so delusional they must have exchanged war stories with corkscrew-flying Shrillary Rotten. Mr. Misremember apologized for the longstanding blatant falsehood but it was chock full of weasel words and deceptive in making it seem as if he witnessed the attack despite being about 30 minutes behind the actual incident. If the lunatic Lohans can sue Fox, then the nation's viewers seeking truth, especially veterans, should be able to file a class-action suit against the $10 million/year valor thief. Williams' lame excuse for the principal chopper whopper was his celebrity-driven "memory evolved," giving critical thinkers added-value insight into how evolution really works for tree-hugging/tin-foil-saving leftists. Demoncrat media celebrities from Dan Blather to perky Katie Couric's gun-rights film deception, displaying all of the analytical ability of a chipmunk, are fond of portraying themselves as righteous although Liberal Lyin' associate Mary Joe Kopechne can not be reached for comment.

This type of do-gooder logic insists a record-snow natural phenomenon in New England is directly attributable to man-caused global warming. As intense as the lovely faces and inspiring brains on The View, the pressure to conform even has the pope seeking to become a climate change-fighting superhero rivaling Al Bore and globe-trotting Barry Obama. Meanwhile, staff-sleeping genius David "No Kidding" Letterman looked like the king of dolts by accepting BSW's series of tall tales hook, line and sinker although an all-wet majority of bed-wetting media misfits curled up in their safe places wet-kissed him and fellow leftist Jon Stewart upon their retirements. Defying common sense, a striking number of progressive nut-jobs claimed they couldn't discern Letterman's politics. Ditto for slanted Stewart, a wannabee journalist hiding behind comedian mask when a topic thrown out for consumption by Anthony Weiner's beach-house buddy doesn't strike public's funny bone.

Come on folks! Don't you "trust" your memory if a dog bit you drawing blood way back in grade school or receiving stitches in an accident "playing Army" (like Williams) with your childhood buddy down the street? When will NBC's complicit colleagues chime in with firsthand accounts of Blustery Brian's brave crusades or are they just classic "yes-people" cowards reveling in street-cred infotainment limelight of "Black Hawk Down Meets Saving Private Ryan"? Call it 50 shades of say(ing) nothing from a network worthy of sponsorship from Burger King (Home of the Whoppers). Did the hangers-on also secure special-ops gifts (throat-cutter, knife and piece of helicopter fuselage destroyed in Abbottabad compound raid) from acclaimed Navy SEAL Team Six? Geez! It has reached the point where we're surprised their embedded boss didn't manage to edit events where he actually shot and killed UBL rather than Robert O'Neill to try to thwart Fox News' ratings-grabber two-part interview. Running the risk of NBC cancelling Collegehoopedia's beauty pageant, it's time to assert: "A liar is a liar is a liar." A single screed secures more money for Shrillary than the average annual salary of a CEO. If hideous Hillary drops out of the presidential race, she could have a "little-hard-to-take" show on MSLSD known as "The Anchor Lady." Resembling tongue-tied colleagues, her intro limerick should be "I'm a little teapot, old and stout; open my mouth and lies come out" before signature sign-off citing Sir Walter Scott's quote: "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

None of the stench stemming from Williams' preposterous assertions passed the smell test. The egomaniac ex-member of the Board of Directors of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation must want for himself an award (Yellow Heart from yellow-streak POTUS by toeing the line and refraining from saying Islamic terrorist) or at least an action figure with his likeness. Beset by a bizarre super-hero addiction, Williams asserted he saved puppies as a volunteer firefighter in New Jersey, endured mugging while selling Christmas trees, witnessed history at the Brandenburg Gate the night the Berlin Wall came down and braved rocket fire just under him in Israel (another hectic helicopter trip) before performing marvelous deeds in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina - "I see dead people" floating by hotel window in French Quarter, coping with gangs invading his five-star lodging (staging area for law enforcement), insisting he contracted dysentery from ingesting flood-waters and craving Slim Jims due to a far-fetched absence of nourishment. But let's face the "facts": If the "more you know (or concoct)" every-man can survive being hit by a R.P.G. (although likely just harrowing sand), the habitual "news-faker" can survive anything (including genuinely being shot down via a six-month suspension without pay). The Tonight Show host wannabe, apparently taking acting lessons from his risque-scene daughter (Allison on HBO series "Girls") based on half-baked apology still alienating the military, must moonlight as a mortician because he claims to "have seen thousands of dead people," including a suicide in the Superdome. The trauma has sure impaired his judgment after he focused on how climate-change conference slated for Paris would be impacted before anyone knew much about carnage stemming from Islamic terrorist attacks.

In aftermath of serial-embellisher Williams' return, it's only a question of when before parent company Comcast overhauls or pulls the plug on moronic MSNBC where, if evolution is so authentic, a possible Planet of the Apes descendant or stand-in (apparently his evolutionary view) feels compelled to dwell on Happy Darwin Day? Facing a dossier of fantasy fibs, a tearful mea culpa co-hosted by Oprah and Baba Wawa is probably the only way to salvage his career by admitting celebrity was more vital to him than journalism. Speaking of apologies, when will Al Jazeera reject Ayman Mohyeldin, a miscreant Middle East reporter for NBC (No Basic Credibility), seek forgiveness for his repulsive claim that sniper hero Chris Kyle was a "racist" on "killing sprees" while protecting troops in Iraq? It's all as perverted as 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft over at CBS although another broadcast network puff-piece yields insight to the convenient love-fest arrangement regarding Kroft's menage-a-trois interview with Obama and Clinton and Williams successor Lester Holt's psychiatric question about feelings. By any fair-minded definition (including University of Michigan's offensive word-free campus and Shrillary volunteers censuring adjectives), Kroft's claptrap, Holt's hard-hitting question and ABC's Stephanopoulos selling his Dear George soul to the Clintons were textbook examples of the ultimate man-made disaster - press and government working together for the common good of the people.

What difference does it make? Frequently amused by pathetic press coverage of elusive definition of radical Islam, unprotected national borders featuring an illegal immigrant disease-dump invasion coming to your community soon, short-term soccer virus knock-out of real football as the nation's top concussion-causing or flopping sport, computer "recycling" by the environmentally-sensitive/magical-way IRS, myopic Michelle's talking shopping carts and a ballet-loving Coast Guard washout worth five Taliban human debris, there are ample reasons why the majority of Americans fail to have confidence in a biased mass media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly. The major TV networks and two principal liberal rags (New York Slimes and Washington Compost) devoted to "seeking the whole truth" refused to give coverage to a Fox News report acknowledging the dictionary-less Obama Administration denied aid multiple times to Americans attacked and murdered by "random-acting" terrorists in Benghazi on September 11 of all days. A self-righteous stonewalling White House failed to supply requested information to Congress for its hearing oversight, but Judicial Watch obtained declassified emails showing White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes and other "rogue" (likely from Cincinnati plus probably Phoenix) West Wing p.r. officials/demented dudes/"shadowy characters" orchestrating a "spontaneous" false-narrative prep memo/campaign, especially via cozy chit-chat with AP, to "reinforce" POTUS and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being "rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy." The knuckleheads likely will try to portray the closing of the U.S. embassy in Yemen as a victory in the "War Against Whatever." Meanwhile, IRS airhead Lois Lerner (a/k/a Toby Miles), DNC chair Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz, leftist Congressmen supporting Iranian nuclear deal and Dimorat benefactor George Soros will be among the few Jews in the world for whom Barry Insane Obummer's Administration will defend their backs.

If the group-think pretentious press, spearheaded by certifiable close-minded "Journolist" lib-nuts, withheld evidence (such as emails from the National Security Advisor's office telling a counter-terrorism unit to stand down), they're as corrupt in a cover-up as the amateurish administration's self-righteous Siskel & Ebert wannabees more concerned with monitoring content of "Bible-clinger" prayers, doctoring talking points, collective salvation outreach, making faces for Buzzfeed video promoting ObamaCare and muzzling Benghazi survivors plus front-line troops who served with a deserter (forced to sign non-disclosure agreements) rather than transparency with the public. Amid the high-horse chaos, we pay for State Department tutors (to get their stories straight) and have the prospect of the incompetent lost-all-pertinent emails IRS enforcing Obamacare if its $1 billion investment enrolling "millions" ever functions properly. Incredibly, there are IRS dogs receiving bonuses despite being delinquent on their own taxes as a VA scandal became a precursor of Obowwowcare. Does the medical coverage for Conservatives include throwing up in their mouths listening to "Dim" politicians, pathetic political pundits and "The View" vixens?

The CCCP (Colossal Collection of Condescending Politicians) fails to comprehend they work for "We the People"; not the other way around. How else do you explain the moral compass of former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen See-Soul-less, too busy to testify before Congress but not to attend a gala, failing to help a young girl secure a lung transplant years after the "human servant" prolonged her political life by accepting significant donations in Kansas from an abortion doctor known as Tiller the Baby Killer? Perhaps bloodthirsty Demorats, capable of labeling political opponents as such but not genuine terrorists, would have a little compassion for innocent human babies if they were furry fetuses. Have these petty "public servants" any shame as their leader jokes about a pastry chef lacing pies with crack cocaine? This is supposed to be a nation of laws; not of self-absorbed men and women. Why wasn't there even one honorable IRS employee step forward as a whistle-blower about the keep-your-faith-to-yourself agency's targeting of outstanding organizations such as Billy Graham's "mean-spirited" ministries or auditing conservative donors at 10 times the rate of the average citizen?

Why doesn't the lapdog media do its watchdog job and pursue the Benghazi issue providing accountable answers to the many questions accumulating about what precisely occurred in the Celebrity-in-Chief's chamber? The Last Half-rican Standing needs to rise to occasion and become genuine leader or get the hell out of the way. Even setting aside "fast-and-furious" race-card reveling DOJ activity, disgusting IRS transgressions, offensive lecturing of Christians at a prayer breakfast and VA Hospital waiting-list death counts, why do the vast majority of the message-massaged media remain so disinterested in pursuing the litany of "jaw-dropping" misstatements and dissembling regarding what was known before and after the Benghazi horror? It wasn't because the misfit media was too busy in Philly prepping for coverage of the chilling capital case carnage in serial killer Dr. Kermit Gosnell's late-term abortion trial or delving into the abuses of an arrogant in-over-his-head AG and party-animal IRS targeting conservative groups plus a network (Fox) more conservative (conspiratorial to loony leftists) than its counterparts. General Motors is alive, but truth from crass White House, Democratic legislators and State Department officials plus an inept press corps is dead. Meanwhile, POTUS (a/k/a "Basketball Bones") is too busy going to the rack at a ceremony with UConn's male and female NCAA hoop champions rather than assembling a coherent response to a full-court press siege in Iraq or take the time to attend Justice Scalia's funeral. After feeding the hungry Huskies his rehearsed lines, a do-our-part plan for the Saul Alinsky devotee in the immediate aftermath included glamour golfing in Palm Springs, where he also went to celebrate Father's Day weekend while his vacation-junkie family ran up another hefty tab separately in Italy.

What difference does it make amid NBC's honey beer-drinking summit Super Bowl interview of Obama Been Lyin' by a network honey? Al Jazeera becomes more objective in its coverage of U.S. politics than incestuous AP (Administration's Press), ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC (More Socialist Nonsense By Commentators) and CNN (Contemptible News Network when moderator Candy Crony became a shameless shill as a virtual member of presidential debate team). In addition to taxpayers underwriting a welfare-receiving terrorist clan in Boston to the tune of more than $100,000 and paying in excess of $300,000 to merciless Major Nidal Hasan while waiting for trial since the felonious Fort Hood shooting, we finance fastidious NPR (should be NWR for National Welfare Radio), which is such a gigantic joke that "All Things Considered" aired no Benghazi features the weekend after compelling Congressional testimony but did allot time to "consider" riveting rhino horns trading. It doesn't seem as if the "All Things" mindset has changed much since a former co-host's husband worked for the presidential campaigns of Obama and ready-to-serve-spit John Kerry (the self-proclaimed Vietnam War hero before heaving his medals and dignity over a fence comparable to Israel's security in a deal with Iran).

Everywhere you turn unless you negotiate a bike with all the expertise of Kerry, there is an immeasurable mess stemming from this presidency similar to the former IRS chief's wife toiling for a leftist campaign finance reform group. Devoid of any media credentials, First Daughter Chelsea Clinton was given a political favor via an annual salary of $600,000 when she joined NBC News as a rock-solid "special correspondent" for Williams' Rock Center (in excess of $25,000 for each minute she displayed her hard-working brilliance on-air to make certain she wasn't dead-broke after leaving the White House and academic pursuits). If Webb Hubbell-lipped Chelsea was worth $600,000 to NBC, the network should have paid Ivanka Trump $6 million. Let's hope Chelsea's "Get Going" book geared toward kids is 180 degrees removed from Bubba's get-going targeting of younger crowd. Who in their right mind other than perhaps Clinton leg humper Dear George would pay $75,000 for a nepotism-laced one-percenter Chelsea chat (down to $7,500/minute for her precious "work")? How much are speeches from Natasha and Malia worth; especially if they remember any of Rev. Wrong's spellbinding sermons unlike their parents, admit hiding Oreo snacks under beds after enduring organic-garden goodies all day or served as experimental youngsters using same restroom as troubled transgenders in father's administration?

Presidents of ABC and NBC News have siblings working at the White House with cozy ties to Benghazi, CNN's deputy bureau chief is married to a former aide for (brain)dead-broke Hillary and her cocksure campaign manager (Robby Mook) interned for Stephanopoulos. NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray is married to an Obama official and new Meet the Depressed moderator UpChuck Todd's spouse worked on 2006 Senate campaign for Jim Webb (D-VA). Todd, exhibiting behavior of a buffoon when saying he was proud of NBC for its handling of Williams' integrity scandal, secured his start in politics toiling in 1992 presidential campaign for Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), who wound up nearby for the Howard Dean exorcism and endorsed the Clinton Charade. All "Rhodes" at CBS lead to the network's prez being the brother of Mr. Accountability's "mind-melding" speechwriter and escape-artist extraordinaire going to great lengths to avoid divulging potentially-damaging information on a "Jason Bourne" deserter. It's the best place for this Out House operation using a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing to "combat" Islamic terrorism.

CBS hired former Obama chief of staff Bill Daley as a contributor while respected investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson maneuvered out of her contract amid the network's depraved indifference. A prime example of the seamless transition for in-the-tank media was Linda Douglass, who became communications director for the Oval Office's Health Reform Office after serving as ABC's chief congressional correspondent. Such BS shouldn't have been surprising insofar as her lawyer/husband was a big fundraiser for BO. Similarly, Washington Post political reporter Shailagh Murray fit like a glove working under Biden and Obama before wild-eyed communicator Rachel Racusen sandwiched a stint with MSLSD between West Wing flings and daughter of Univision "baby" anchor Jorge Ramos joined Shrillary's campaign. Any legal immigrant knows Whore-hey is the equivalent of Ted Baxter for White America. At CBS, a bozo producer mocked Sen. Rand Paul about "being a doctor" while clueless that he indeed is a physician. Elsewhere, you can always count on Tingles Matthews, the tedious tapeworm of TV tales on MessLSD's "Dumbball," to pee on himself non-stop offering alternate-universe commentary for which you should promptly believe just the opposite.

You can't possibly make up all of this conflict-of-interest journalistic junk unless you're fond of the chummy White House Correspondents Dinner. The "Let's Move" (in together) extends into the kitchen where WH chef Sam Kass is married to dim-bulb former host-ette Alex Wagner from "Fall Backward" network MSLSD. Does she get talking points along with organic-food leftovers from Michelle's gorgeous garden? Departed White House Press Secretary/Carnival Barker Jay Carney's wife is Claire Shipman, a senior national correspondent for ABC. Blatant bias stemming from the bozo version of a "Band of Brothers (and Sisters)" also includes the Washington Post's justice department reporter married to the general counsel of the Department of Human Services, ABC News producer married to National Security Advisor/military micro-manager Susan Rice, CNN's deputy Washington bureau chief married to an ex-deputy secretary of state under Clinton, Huffington Post political editor and ex-Newsweek flack Sam Stein's spouse working for White House and NPR's WH correspondent married to a lawyer in the White House counsel's office. The symbolic evacuation from the White House press room because of smoke must have stemmed from deep-background Carney trying to blow smoke up the media's sorry butt with an off-the-record briefing for selected stenographers. Obstructing justice he was sworn to uphold, the ill-tempered AG was the next nefarious nabob to deploy a farcical off-the-record stench-fest pussyfooting around behind closed doors prior to giving illegal immigrants welfare attorneys.

Are reports any surprise about Clinton operatives privately sanitizing potentially-damaging State Department documents to protect "7th floor" personnel? Oh, the Huma-nitwit-he-he! In Hill's wacky world where she looks more into Yoda than yoga, only four people were killed and she didn't know three of them, anyway. But from their graves, the deceased cry out: "In lieu of flowers, please don't elect Hitlery." In an effort to help the buffoonish media shine the light of truth on the Benghazi bungling and scrubbed-a-dozen-times talking points, following are basic "who/what/when/why/where" questions for which the public deserves answers via the president's acolytes:
* Long before throwing intel community under the bus, who changed the original talking points and concocted "the (fanciful) spontaneous reaction" to a YouTube video explanation for the attack (framed before the final two deaths) and did the same individual help orchestrate a coordinated response at various venues in the days and weeks immediately following said attack?
* What portion of the entire 7 1/2 hours of the attack did POTUS himself spend in the Situation Room with fellow "mom-jean dudes" and was he directly involved with multiple "stand-down" orders while the attacks were in place? Perhaps he was too busy with debate prep, playing Spades again or some other "game" with body man/ex-Duke hoopster Reggie Love rather than spending 13 seconds overseeing mobilization of rescue troops enduring 13 hours of hell. Let's hope Love, charged with driving while impaired in college, didn't take Barry out on the town to a frat party.
* When precisely did increasingly imperial POTUS and/or his national security staff first become aware that an attack was underway at the Benghazi compound and did Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta compare notes before Clinton's proclamation emphasizing a video as the culprit?
* Why was the no-drama Obama Administration's response so lax - failing to issue a CBA (Cross Border Authority) - despite an unmanned drone providing real-time live video feed of the scene? Who atop the chain-of-command was so insensitive they let Americans die during a "demonstration" (not an attack) akin to butchering innocent babies?
* Where is evidence of the "Betray Us" administration's responses to repeated pleas to strengthen security for Americans in Libya, not only from the State Department security chief and man on the ground in charge of security, but from the ambassador? Or were progressive normalization goals with Libya more important than traditional sense of duty? Did the "Deleter of the Free World" aspirant encourage Stevens to go to Benghazi or not to set up a diplomatic outpost?

Trying to find someone "on Koch" more revolting amid the myriad of political con artists than Senate Dimorat "leader" Harry Reid (Nevada), how do you distinguish "Dingy" (who also chimed in with "What Difference Does It Make?" before wowing the nation threatening not to attend a Redskins game) from Dumb from Dumber from Dumbest as the government goofballs and goons reveal they would rather focus their energy on invoking the 5th Amendment by grifters, coddling illegal immigrants, supporting same-sex unions, attending line-dancing conferences at taxpayers' expense, underwriting Sandra Flukey's birth control, sanctioning gays in professional sports and the Boy Scouts, funding transgender operation for military misfit Bradley Manning, monitoring everyone's phone calls including the Pope, bullying insurance companies to keep them quiet, ordering federal workers to spy on each other and giving Miranda rights to terrorists while profiling patriot, pro-life plus Tea Party affiliates? How about giving a craving nation one huge "happiness" conference by dismantling the IRS? In a sick version of Obama "care," the media dimwits such as Eleanor Off-the-Cliff seem as careless and clueless in unearthing authentic autopsy results for a virtually defenseless Ambassador Stevens as the administration is in resolutely rendering justice to the incorrigible Islamic perpetrators. They reach out a kumbaya hand to Islamic scum seeking to slice off our hands (if not more). It's foreign to civility, but it spurs one to drag All the President's "Men" (political parasites) through the caught-by-surprise mud similar to the ambassador's body dragged through foreign streets.

Whether or not they are yucking it up about a significant delay in apprehending a terrorist leader or looking under every rock for a Christian extremist group, this is no witch-hunt because the witches in and out of government are already easy to discern. A classic example is shabby State Department spokesperson MakeMe Barf trashing brave front-line soldiers from her thousands-of-miles-away ivory tower while the haughty hag permanently stained from serving on Obama's debate prep team described torturing towel-heads as "gentlemen", deemed job-training for ISIS as the cure for halting Middle East conflict and doesn't think it's pertinent to know if Hillary's emails contained classified material. While the world went to hell around her, equally dense State Department amateur-hour colleague Gem SockItToMe tweeted about fashion before displaying her utter ignorance being unaware Jews were killed in a terrorist attack on a kosher deli in Paris prior to a timid correction tweet. Can't wait for explanation from intellectual heavyweight rejoining White House communications staff after the State Department reportedly ordered Marines to destroy their weapons upon a humiliating abandonment of the U.S. embassy in Yemen, which was Obama's textbook example of success only months earlier. Regrettably, we pay the salaries of charming charlatans who threw their political weight behind declining to put Boko Haram thugs on the terrorist list before the Islamic militants in Nigeria burned 29 students alive, massacred 59 schoolboys at a boarding school and kidnapped nearly 300 school girls (threatening to sell them into slavery).

Roped-off reporters are so far up Hillary's butt during her cow(ard) roundup they can detail what she consumed doing lunch with double-dipping scrawny surrogate Huma after running down their Scoobie Doo SUV. Has the idolatry-practicing media, with fawning NBC planning a mini-series on Clinton before backing off on the project, contrasted "equal-protection-under-the-law" security measures for Ambassador Stevens compared to her when she went overseas? Did Eleanor Roosevelt give Her Thighness seance insight on baking cookies, covering up a sex and prostitution probe on her watch, lessons on transporting herself on a broom or how mostly unseen movie trailers incite Muslims? Seemingly, it's always the fault of someone else with this contemptible crowd, looking as phony as actress Diane Lane playing the role of Shrillary - which is akin to George Clooney playing the role of Dick Vitale. It takes-a-village idiot such as truth deflector Victoria "F**k the EU!" Nuland to believe her crutch, but perhaps the Democrap ditz potty mouth is simply adding to the vast right-wing conspiracy featuring a seemingly never-ending gateway list from Whitewater to Wipeserver including Filegate, Sandy Burglar "lifting" National Archives classified documents, Buddhist Templegate, Sick Willie's intern cigar, Travelgate, Vince Foster's suicide, Lippogate, Marc Rich's pardon, Lootergate, wagging the dog, Vandalgate, Orgy Island, etc., etc., etc. Now, gaffe-tastic Hillary "misses the bigger picture" sounding "is-is" similar to hubby: "I did not have decision-making responsibilities for that compound - Benghazi." Meanwhile, Billy Boy will stay above the email fray by claiming: "I did not have texts with that woman - who lied about name origin." When Hillary implodes from a Secret Service expose or FBI indictment recommendation, lunatic Oven Stuffer Sugardaddy Soros will have underwritten a leftist Holocaust similar to when the Democratic Party hijacker posed as a Christian teenager watching numerous fellow Hungarian Jews shipped off to death camps.

The "buck" can't find any place to stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where "time-is-of-the-essence" POTUS chimes in on earthshaking cultural topics involving dumbbell Donald Sterling, Undocumented Democrats-to-be and documentarian Michael Sam but doesn't supply his itinerary the evening when Americans were killed in Libya. Neither the self-enamored emperor nor his underwhelming underlings have any clothes or complete candor as the IRS commissioner only remembers one Easter Egg roll among his excessive 157 White House visits. Amid trying to discern State Department protocol during an attack, there was a preposterous assertion from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that "assets couldn't get there (Benghazi) in time." Is patronizing Panetta also commiserating with an omniscient Eleanor regarding upper-brass orders to save Americans? How did he know with such authority the length of "time" the siege would take as they fought for their lives? Maybe he was too busy on other travel-time matters planning his next cross-country commute home to California at tax-payer expense on military jets. Panetta isn't as principled as the press likes to portray him after Monica "I'm No. 44 (or so)" Lewinsky "worked" in the Chief of Staff's office during the government shutdown. Did this leech-filled leadership just cut their losses and "run" (let them die) rather than risk additional casualties before making the rounds, including hard-hitting media moguls Letterman (there he is again) and Barbara Walters, with their video fairytale?

What difference does it make? Don't you wish there was a single stooge from the out-of-control whining White House who would serve with honor and distinction as they boast fewer jobs created than babies aborted? They should focus more on closing their collective mouths than closing Gitmo. If they were candid, they would be promoting their effeminate boss as cover boy on the new $10 bill. The second term of a president, resembling life, is like a roll of toilet paper when you're ill. The closer you get to the end, the faster the _ _ _ _ goes resembling his brother-in-law cast adrift as Oregon State's coach. Held hostage by an Ariel Castro-like media as manipulative as Jodi Arias, the general public suffers from gullible glorification syndrome. Whatever political position you're in when the _ _ _ _ hits the fan, you just hope the grandstanding leader of the free world letting the entire Middle East turn into Alqaedaistan exhibits more "Barry" backbone (equivalent of a slinky according to Fox News funnyman Greg Gutfeld) than a best-and-the-brightest Boy King raised by an Indonesian nanny who subsequently joined a group of transvestites called the Dancing Dolls.

Unwilling to be a doll and dance around the topic, a problem ("phony scandal") persists that the overwhelming majority of slanted reporters chronicling events big and small, including the toy department (sports), write through a liberal "Jayson Blair" prism insulting our common sense and intelligence. Many are as embarrassingly attentive to what is going on as Supreme Judge Ruth at the state-of-the-union speech. Thus, the toughest question Obama, the executive with excessive excuses and 72% approval among Muslims, faced in a given year from the press "rat pack" probably was an ESPN bracket racket inquiry concerning whether his alma mater (Harvard) was going to advance to the second round in NCAA basketball playoff competition. How often did ESPN saps such as golfing partner Michael Wilbon indulge themselves with "Audacity of Hype" presidential picks promoting the NCAA tourney while failing to exactly provide "fair share" equal time from the opposing party? At least ESPN, which likes to think it knows as much about everything as Edward Snowden (including driving social issues down our just-want-to-watch-sports throats), didn't also portray Sir Remake America as a baseball expert following the bleeding-heart leftist's feeble ceremonial first pitch worthy of donning mom jeans while attending a MLB All-Star Game. Unquestionably, social engineering ESPN, gutting Grantland while trying to launch Undefeated website, seeks to provide fib-lib ideals such as obsession with "Redskins" more of a forum than conservative commentators such as Mike Ditka and Curt Schilling.

Let me be clear: Don't you wish the agenda-driven media would have "encouraged" leave-no-deserter-behind to develop priorities putting as much effort into meeting a budget deadline or getting the FBI to investigate Benghazi sooner than a month later instead of swooning over the Rev. Wrong disciple while providing a bracket, accepting mulligan lessons from Tiger, hosting parties at Club Obama, helping fill out H&R Block tax forms for Al "Not So" Sharpton or releasing illegal immigrant criminals from prison? If not relevant items, couldn't they at least ask him: "What's the deal with the First Lady taking separate planes at taxpayer expense on your vacation junkets?" or "Why are Gitmo detainees receiving better health care than American veterans?" or "Did global warming cause Godzilla to return?" or "Do you want to be known as Traitor Jack after an incentive-for-kidnapping swap of five gold-star throat-slitting savages for one lily-white deserter?" or "Do you accept the laughable line that the IRS, which demands Charles Citizen keep his financial records for seven years, can't supply pertinent emails over a critical seven-month span for the gang-of-seven?" or "How many lone wolves does it take to make a pack of Islamic terrorists?" or "Are the three branches of the federal government called Me, Myself and I?"

But then most of the honorable and distinctive media elite such as former CNN Misfire moron/shameless shrew Stephanie "Lying is a Virtue" Cutter are in the same fast-tracking cartel with chronic fabricator Tokyo Rice, who said the meandering misfit served with "honor and distinction" after a repulsive victory-lap Rose Garden publicity-stunt production where Allah was praised by Papa Taliban but not a word of gratitude directed toward the numerous shut-up-and-salute authentic soldiers killed and injured striving to rescue Mr. AWOL for Afghans. Is an extremist rules-for-radicals administration gone awry already cooperating with a Hollyweird producer for a movie ("Saving Private Bergdahl"), available in Pashto, focusing on an ultimate warrior gone bad probably because of another YouTube video failing to generate four stars from Shrillary's shady State Department? Only the smartest man in the world could interrupt his ideological executive orders and negotiate a deal to save someone ashamed to be an American. Bowe Knows Islam apparently was fading fast with an illness that could only be promptly treated at a VA hospital. If you boast a triple-digit IQ and believe anything from the West Wing spin machine including Christiane Amanpour and Valerie Jarrett with their Iranian backgrounds, then God (not Allah) help us all. Who has the most credibility and represents the best of us - selfless soldiers daily putting their lives on the line or self-centered White House/State Department shills or self-important genuinely raggedy reprehensible press?

What difference does it make? Well, when the lame-stream sports media is as incompetent as the general newsroom and editorial department, they foist make-believe heroes upon us such as Lance Armstrong, Ryan Braun, Aaron Hernandez, Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Johnny Manziel, Slick Rick Pitino, Ray Rice, A-Roid, Josh Shaw, O.J. Simpson, Manti Te'o, Michael Vick, Jameis Winston, "The Carolina Way" (Afro-Studies academic fraud) and the Jackie Robinson West All-Stars. Do you really believe brand-protecting ESPN knew absolutely nothing about stretching the Chicago boundaries of Little League Baseball? A majority of the cesspool press pool cheered Sam Who I Am's social-engineering progressive values amid sizing up his shower habits after jeering Tim Tebow's religious "The Great I Am" standards. In basketball specifically, hoop media sycophants canonize tattooed Louisville coach Pitino not long after his brazen bistro-closing porn-star tryout and Jimmy V is hailed endlessly in history rewrites despite coach Valvano having two different schools - Iona and North Carolina State - vacate NCAA playoff participation. As if enthralled with Pitino getting a title tattoo, catching an enormous marlin, being featured on Maker's Mark bourbon bottles and donning Kanye West adidas shoes isn't enough, the inept media's touchy-feely attempts in social engineering included trying to elevate Jason Collins to Jackie Robinson-like status.

At the time, Collins was cited as a "star" by sports know-nothing ABC anchor-ette Diane Sawyer, the wife of a Hollyweird director. Was Collins embellished as celestial because he averaged 1.1 points and 0.9 rebounds per game last season, 1.1 ppg and 1.3 rpg over the last two seasons, 1.2 ppg and 1.4 rpg over the previous three seasons, 1.4 ppg and 1.6 rpg the previous four seasons, 1.3 ppg and 1.5 rpg the previous five NBA seasons or because he fits nicely into smug Sawyer's social world view the past five years as Charles Gibson's truth-telling successor before she herself stepped aside in mid-2014? At least sanctimonious Sawyer showed her expertise in softball(s) with hot-air inquiries to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad about iPods and video games.

The misguided media, responding like the NSA in the "least untruthful manner," is so focused on accuracy that much of it offered a one-sided depiction of troubled teen Trayvon Martin as a Skittles-loving (not weed-smoking) model citizen who must have innocently been kicked out of his home and school perhaps because he was fond of hanging around full-fledged liars who can't read cursive (eloquent to MSNBC smear merchants) coupled with his flaws including prejudiced thinking that Hispanics (White-Hispanic to appease race hustlers) could become "creepy-ass crackers." Fueled by hoodie-donning intellectual heavyweights such as the Miami Heat, a reported $1 million-plus wrongful death settlement with a homeowners association was a "justice" byproduct of the demise of the parents' son apparently enthralled with a "Gangsta" culture. It didn't take long for Baltimore bozos to exhibit their political prowess in a similar $6.4 million settlement regarding an individual with nearly two dozen drug-related offenses while failing to turn over exculpatory evidence to defense attorneys for their own police officers.

Of course, it's all about just one side of the political spectrum getting along with the other to the Amen progressive "pew" from politically-correct pundits plus gaily being who you are in a permissive society. What a stunner Collins was promptly slated to join the First Lady at a high-fiving Democrapic fundraiser. But this fundraiser was a genuine political spontaneous reaction! Will Collins courageously dwell on the No. 98, which is about the number of months he fraudulently strung his fiancée along (see Cosmopolitan feature on fellow Stanford product Carolyn Moos)? The brave Brooklyn Nets should have signed Moos to a contract as the first women's player in the NBA since Collins didn't help inspire his teammates any more than coach Jason Kidd. At least it would have taken some attention away from nut-job Donald Less-Than-Sterling, who should have remembered the old adage: "It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than opening your mouth and removing all doubt!"

What difference does it make? The full-confidence Soviets with Pravda boast a more objective and truthful media slant than the ABC pap provided from Stephanopoulos, who received a masters in (liberal) theology utilized in a bimbo-eruption Clinton War Room before "earning" a seven-year, $105 million contract. By any measure, the puff-piece enemies of illumination failed vetting Obama and his leftist fantasies before he became POTUS other than perhaps focusing on an alleged hoop prowess. But as former NBA Commissioner David Stern, a stereotypical liberal-leaning lawyer, said in jest about Obama's basketball background: "He thinks he's better than he really is." Although probably not intentional, Stern's dispassionate assessment also summarizes Obama's outlandish high-horse presidency running up the national debt as fast as he runs away from using the phrase "Islamic terrorist." At the risk of being the next U.S. citizen subject to a drone strike, it should be emphasized, when failing to toe the fictional party line of the high-and-mighty real sideshow, you become a demoted diplomat, face intimidation tactics having your phone records seized or are targeted by going on the abuse-of-power IRS enemies list (a/k/a "horrible customer service"). Obummer is so delusional he theorizes Republicans/conservatives are to blame for Loser Lois' widespread targeting.

Astonishingly, the staging-question IRS is "used" as a springboard by West Wing wackos to drive Obamacare down our throats via the same wily _itch with no integrity but plenty of bonus money despite showing her disdain for conservatives by calling them A-holes as part of her "serving" the public's interest in a non-partisan fashion. While the disgraced I-R-ME$$ official is feeding at the public servant trough (six-figure retirement) after previously harassing the Christian Coalition while with the FEC, someone needs to slow "learn her" by forcing miscreant Ms. 5th to take a remedial ethics class commencing with the Golden Rule while waiting for fallout from being held in contempt of Congress and a convenient catastrophic computer crash. Meanwhile, the nauseous networks yawned and "confidentially" looked the other way when e-mails showed computer-recycler Loser, amid distributing feelers to hook on with a pro-Obama group, sent a database of tax-exempt organizations to the FBI right before the 2010 midterm elections.

Portraying a murderous attack in Benghazi, Libya, as if it occurred in the same war as the Battle of the Bulge, it might be old news to former "stylistic" Left Wing spokesperson/current CNN spin-meister Jay Blarney while the ex-Time magazine Washington chief did his zero-credibility imitation of propagandist Joseph Goebbels with a "hope and change (the topic)" routine before getting out of Dodge (The Truth). Seems as if jaundiced Jay, who implied the IRS apologized for "not" doing something wrong, and his unprincipled ilk such as equally truth-allergic successor Josh "Anything But" Earnest proclaim a memo emphasizing Benghazi has nothing to do with Benghazi and Baghdad Bergdahl served honorably. In regard to sizing up real men, Blarney, Earnest and their misleading minions aren't a pimple on the butt of any of the genuine patriots the Out House slimed as swift-boating someone the soldiers knew firsthand. Previously, a classic example of the blame game and absence of accountability from the meek media was when the feds were more concerned with detaining some obscure producer of an anti-Islamic film making light of the prophet Mohammed. At least the dereliction-of-duty dunderheads such as CIA taxpayer-paid liar Mike More-ill(ness) didn't pull out the workplace-violence or man-made disaster card again during this convenient-truth process.

What difference does it make? Well, the excuse-ridden Obama Administration - either grossly incompetent or purposefully in "crude and disgusting" fraud - dealt with a terrorist assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi by shamelessly standing in front of caskets at an airport hangar (plus the White House press corps, the U.N. and national politically-oriented shows such as Meet the Depressed) offering an orchestrated al-Qaeda on-the-run narrative claiming the nondescript video was responsible for the murder of the American ambassador and three other Americans. Their most despicable act was regurgitating the same outrageous ruse face-to-face to grieving family members while focusing more on securing "second" non-disclosure agreements from survivors. How authentic or outright evil were those narcissistic embraces from Big Balls Biden and fellow fatal finaglers? Any miserable individual who emphasized a movie lie in one-on-one conversations with mourners doesn't possess the dignity worthy of setting foot on White House grounds except solely to use a pooper scooper while donning rubber gloves. Ingrained into their psyche, they consider lying normal behavior. If the Clinton Crime Syndicate Foundation would only pay a dollar to U.S. Treasury for every fabrication emanating from them, the deficit could be paid off in short order.

Incredibly, a Navy SEAL among the deceased violated stand-down orders to help save numerous individuals at the death-trap embassy and then fought the terrorists for 7 1/2 hours while his pleas for backup at a nearby annex were ignored by government officials real-time watching events unfold. Weeks later, the evasive apologist-in-chief and cowardly cronies were still striving to supply a cogent response to their deflect-and-deny sacrificial-lamb inaction all for the sake of propping up progressive policies. Where's a photo of the vaunted Obama Team deliberating at least 7 1/2 minutes, or even 7 1/2 seconds, during the Benghazi attack? Was Mr. Teleprompter even there at all to provide any input possibly "sending in the cavalry" or were his charges more concerned about contacting YouTube about a manufactured vile video? Bracing for a cross-country campaign trip, did malingerer "That's Not What We Do" go to bed while brave Americans were savaged or is it indeed "an irrelevant fact" less important than raising funds in Las Vegas? If not, then be transparent enough to at least conduct a stand-up, man-up press conference detailing what you did do during the "acting stupidly" stand-down. The Sgt. Schultz "I know nothing!" ploy isn't very becoming for an infallible commander-in-chief as it spills over to the FBI and all of the terribly-flawed feet-of-clay mental-midget mercenaries surrounding a conceited community organizer with their evolving web of deceit. Wasn't fist-bumping Obama back on the golf course about 7 1/2 minutes after announcing an American was beheaded?

Infected by pop culture, reality shows, Al Bore's global-warming hoax and thrills going up noxious newscasters legs, the average shallow American dwells on Angelina Jolie's discarded mammary glands, forlorn Amanda Knox's knife collection, Donald's luck dealing with 50-year younger model/archivist and Gitmo hunger strikers but can't spell Benghazi or even know which continent it's located. When not exploiting children as human shields for an assortment of altruistic motives, POTUS didn't mind hiding behind Hildebeast via a film fabrication as her State Department lawyer told witnesses not to speak to House investigators. If elected POTUS after "Debbie Does (Debate) Delay," Hillary's "tough choices" judgment is so grandiose she would probably appoint a pervert (either Sick Willie or Huma's half-witted husband "Carlos") to be in charge of the White House's intern program and cigar room. Bubba would probably secure the seeds-to-sow "job" since her success was achieved solely from riding his coattails. When pushing for crackdown on "epidemic" of campus sexual assault, she could have gotten off to good start regarding topic in general by neutering her chasing-tails spouse. Perhaps the womanizing enabler should be reminded about her personal "War on Women" cherishing so-called bimbo eruptions.

If you had a family member in dire straits pleading for help, would you rather summon support from blameless Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary the Hypocrite's hubris or heroic Tyrone Woods? You don't need a lie-detector to even contemplate thinking about debating who is more Benghazi believable - Woods' father or Hillary Rotten? Hitting closer to home in raw terms, who would you rather have as a "sacrificial" neighbor because of comparable integrity and moral values? Period! The U.S. "isn't a Christian nation" according to our fearless leader, but the answer is clear among God-fearing folks in flyover country who always seem to know a mite more about vital issues than our country's CEO (Creative Explanation Opportunist) until hearing after-the-fact media reports. Shackled by a warped sense of tone-deaf priorities, how hard did ethically-bankrupt Obama and Clinton negotiate a deal with Iran's Revolutionary Guard to release an American Christian pastor detained for years after entering the country on a humanitarian mission?

What difference does it make? Before making a repugnant remark that the Taliban 5 senior leadership isn't a threat to America, hoodwinking @Hillary's principal documented achievement as Secretary of State may have been putting an excessive amount of emphasis on that specific difference-making phrase/question. On the other hand, it could be facial pain every night after all the fake Joker-grin smiling Hill the Hun (husband's description of her) does all day on her Area 51 campaign trail more concerned about aliens from outer space than those strutting across unchecked along our Southern border. Easily recognized as Old Yeller to aging sexists fond of affixing Disney-movie titles as nicknames, her corrosive comments are reminiscent of disgraced Dan Rather at CBS frequently ending with an inane Robert Redford-worthy reference to "courage." Her tenacity, the genesis of which is captured in her senior thesis at Wellesley on Saul Alinsky, consisted of roaming the globe comparable to the ghost of Jacob Marley dragging money trunks behind her on a chain. Rather's blather was a lamentable trait exhibited by CBS when it concealed footage for an extended period from a 60 Minutes interview with Obama where he clearly refused to categorize the Benghazi attack as an act of terror. Of course, curious George is deemed a journalistic giant by ABC and eye candy for opposite-sex viewers after earning his spurs as a political hack for the petulant Clintons disparaging one female after another in the midst of Sick Willie's debauchery and hiding $75,000 in donations to their suspect enterprise. Did Little Georgie, not only vertically challenged but integrity challenged, know interns (especially blue-dress donning female) were not supposed to be in the West Wing without an escort or did the butt boy for the Clinton Crime Family simply look the other way? Perhaps Lyin' Williams was there and can give us the straight libido scoop about "Crooked" Bill relieving job pressure doing the dirty on the presidential seal rather than the self-styled chick magnet focusing on sealing the fate of OBL. Eschewing ethics and honor, are these condescending guttersnipes the best and most honest our country can produce in the newsrooms, Oval Office and State Department as they stretch the truth as much as excuse-ridden Nanny Pathetic does her sparkling-and-dazzling face while supporting get-out-of-jail-free cards to savages and denial of the total truth to family members of savaged Americans?

A collection of contemptible characters and ethical-escapee excrement, telling the truth as often as cicadas return, could fill their own "worst wing" of the aptly-named Clinton Correctional Facility by telling pasty Shrillary she looks stunning in a bikini. Surrounded by army of apoplectic aliens sucking up to her like a Kardashian can, no wonder she is so fond of UFOs. Old vacuum cleaners don't suck as much as Step-child George, fellow creepy Clintonista phonies such as Paul Begala, Sandy Burglar, Sidney Blumenthal, David Brock, "Trailer Trash" Carville, Lanny Davis, Rahm Emanuel, David Gergen, Harold Ickes, David Kendall, Terry McAuliffe, Bernie Nussbaum, Panetta, John Podesta plus Bill Richardson and many media mavens defending the Clinton Foundation erstwhile slush fund. If Snuff-out-the-truth-to-us wasn't a hollow shell of a journalist, Georgie would help orchestrate an illuminating expose on allocation of charitable donations comparing the Clinton ruse of 10% to 15% directly aiding charity work to organizations such as Feeding America (98%), Feed the Children (92%), Red Cross (91%), World Vision (85%) and Salvation Army (82%). Shouldn't the Clinton Global Initiative already have ample resources stemming from hefty speaking-engagement fees and program for safe-drinking water in third-world locales such as Haiti and Flint? Need any more rehab input, Gorgeous, to help with your self-inflicted credibility crisis leaving you "All Too (Partisan) Human"?

Gorgeous never had credibility, anyway, after his handling of Sick Willie's draft induction notice. Whether or not Williams was there, perhaps Step-child thought Mitchell was going to get to the entire truth for once in her biased career. Odds are Little George was in the vicinity in moonlighting role as a Jiminy Cricket conscience when his boss turned the White House into a brothel. Does this truth teller "titan" know how Monica became the "Blue Pass Princess" as a paid staffer? Rather than accepting Rhodes' fiction verbatim, should Step-on-the-truth-to-us give an authentic author - thriller novelist Brad Thor - insider information and a forum to create a solution to the Clinton corruption?

Offsetting Hillary For Prisoner 2016, the clever dwarf perhaps can help her concoct a new campaign slogan: "Hurry up and elect me so I can pardon myself before I'm incarcerated." Meanwhile, she sounded like a Maxine Smart(ass) with half-baked server apology: "Sorry about that, fief!" But at least right-thinking Americans are "Get(ting) Smart" by tuning out the Clintons' aging act/stale show. They have emerged as Exhibit A for fecal formula forging what a liberal education and law degree can do for an individual - provide license to be dishonest, insincere and unaccountable. All right, in Albright lingo there is a special place in hell for anyone who supports the Clinton corruption. Anything they say is reminiscent of floating a bad check. Albright probably thinks Shrillary's following comments are supportive of Bubba's victims: "Who is going to find out? These women are trash. Nobody's going to believe them." Just like believing her spiel about equal pay for women except on her staff. Bottles of Trump wine should be put on distinguishing characteristic ice all across the country waiting to celebrate an indictment of HRC (Hillary Really Corrupt). Last unqualified human out of Over-the-Hill(ary) campaign HQ needs to turn off the lights and customized server. Eventually, there will be no vetting by God for HildaBeast and her Clinton cronies; simply a chute straight to see Satan.

The biggest loser over the last couple of election cycles is the mangy "never-seen-you-lose" media serving as little more than the Praetorian Guard for liberal lunacy praising Planned Murderhood and its accompanying neck-snipping murders of innocent babies while smearing whistle-blowers crestfallen over the "abandoned" murders of innocent colleagues. Meanwhile, has an enterprising sports reporter ever evaluated how many abortions have been sanctioned by college basketball coaches so female players could remain on the court and male players wouldn't be hampered by becoming deadbeat dads (see Duke All-American J.J. Redick's abortion contract with a model)? No, the media can't be too concerned about the cavalier blood-thirsty hobby to lobby for ditching unwanted little ones when a men's championship coach has an extortion trial, end-of-the-pack Kentucky Derby horse, limited-edition bourbon bottle, meaningful marlin, favorite son, Lexus dealership and testimonial tattoo to cover. And by the way, will computer whiz Dickie V charge a premium for his next speech on hacking after he was sacked from covering Duke/North Carolina?

Americans deserve an honest government covered by a media doing more than just being PRESStitutes for POTUS or extension of a university's public-relations department. Although his publication seemed to always go out of its way to support the Obama Administration, it's a mite unnerving how former Princeton hoopster Richard Stengel seems to make a smooth transition from managing editor of Time magazine to under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs at the State Department. Stengel subsequently supported a one-sided deal with Iran where the U.S. doesn't exercise leverage and multiple journalists remain in jail. As shamelessly one-sided as conservatives have asserted for years, excessive media malpractice finally discarded the pretense of objectivity. Once and for all after spouse for NPR's White House correspondent joined counsel's office for her beat, they have been unmasked as aggressive advocates; not adversarial journalists. According to a Gallup poll, fewer than 1/4 of American adults have "a great deal" of confidence in newspapers and television news as meaningless red lines behind widespread yellow streaks. In a classic case of bias, CNN has countless instances of fabrications to investigate (Liar! Liar! Pantsuit on Fire!) but spent an inordinate amount of effort trying to find a modest misstatement or two in stories from Dr. Ben Carson's childhood.

Running in parallel with a decrease in quality of play on the court is a reduction in competence of the pom-pom press covering them. How many sports news outlets based in the states of North Carolina and Kentucky regularly follow Duke and Louisville basketball in the ACC? How could the "Worst Little Whorehouse in KY" go on for years unnoticed? But a student newspaper and aging hooker needed to exhibit sufficient spine to do down-and-dirty jobs. Why didn't a single enterprising reporter from the professional local press and national media rise to the occasion; especially in Carolina on the heels of UNC's scholastic shenanigans? A worthwhile story stared them right smack in their mugs (faces and beers) regarding why Rasheed Sulaimon became the first in-season dismissed player during Mike Krzyzewski's long Durham Dynasty tenure. Methinks the see-no-(d)evil/hear-no-(d)evil/speak-no-(d)evil journalistic jewels were an Olympian distance up King K's 1,000-win can. When the legal laryngitis fades away, will ESPN conduct a spectacle with Shane Battier, Jay Bilas and Jay Williams interviewing K about a potential colossal cover-up while other former Blue Devil standouts and chronic coaching apologist Duke Vitale serve as a support backdrop? In an effort to help separate fact from fiction, inquire whether athletic department personnel aware of sexual assault allegations reported the cases to the Office of Student Conduct per their Title-IX obligation.

Blind chimps chucking darts connect more often with accuracy than the weekday evening/Sunday morning intellectually-superior ruling class/political pundits/Strategists (a/k/a snake oil salespeople). In the aftermath of Brian's lyin' and CNN Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter, great-and-glorious Geraldo, PolitiFact refusing to rate Williams' Iraq fable plus USATODAY hacks going out of their way to try to defend a fellow fib-lib, the good news is that the influence-peddling gig for the reprehensible broadcast networks, major daily newspapers and newsweeklies is nearly expired because the less-than-honest brokers are gutless wonders shackled by a business model in free-fall. Just ask tarnished leftist know-it-all Tina "Bitter Brit" Brown after losing $100 million in editorial endeavors and commentary totally devoid of neutrality. Whether it's Newsweek, New York magazine, Pro Football Weekly, Spin, The Sporting News, Talk magazine, 30 AOL brands after The Huffington Post "gold-digger" merger or debt-ridden dailies offering employee buyouts all across the country, good riddance to the fourth-rate estate and don't let death's door hit you in your contemptible can on the way out! To put it bluntly, may you rot in hell!

Huffin'-and-Puffin'-a-ton, paying its contributors in the neighborhood of 15 cents an hour, knows as much about the difference between entertainment and politics as Airhead-ianna physically contributes to keep her husband from crossing over to a more stimulating gender. When the putrid press as we know it is put out to pasture (including many suspect sports sandboxes and eventually the worthless White House press corps), what difference does it make as the disgraced relinquish the fight like quitter Roberto Duran (No Mas! No Mas!)? Actually, comedian Ron White has blossomed over the years into the smartest man in the world; especially with his "you-can't-fix-stupid" routine accurately depicting the vast majority of entitled mess media and political pundit personalities summed up by Williams, Stephanopoulos and ESPN rant-babe Britt "Just Another Petty Face" McHenry. In the meantime while seeking a free-speech safe place on the fringe, we'll simply conduct a "Countdown Circumcision" for when caustic commentator Keith "Worst Person in the World" Olbermann inevitably will return to or depart from BSPN or Mess-LSD again as he keeps coming back to his flunky followers like herpes infection.