Tony Award: Gonzalez's Goal Post Dunk Makes for Tight End(ing) at K.C.

Atlanta tight end Tony Gonzalez, who became the Kansas City Chiefs' all-time leader in pass receptions by a TE way back in 2000 en route to an NFL-best at that position by the time he joined the Falcons, had a successful farewell appearance at K.C. in the season opener. The NFL's all-time runner-up in receptions (behind WR Jerry Rice) caught a TD pass for the Falcons, adding to his all-time leadership in yards from scrimmage by a TE.

Gonzalez, who averaged 6.4 ppg and 4.3 rpg from 1994-95 through 1996-97 as a California Bear hoopster, promptly displayed his trademark dunking of the football over the goal post. Back in the day, he scored a career-high 29 points against Washington State en route to setting a Cal basketball freshman record by shooting 64% from the floor. Rising to the occasion, he averaged 18 points and shot 61% from the floor in the Bears' first two NCAA playoff games in 1997.

Gonzalez is one of several prominent tight ends in the NFL who previously played major-college basketball including Antonio Gates (Kent State/San Diego Chargers), Jimmy Graham (Miami/New Orleans Saints) and Todd Heap (Arizona State/Phoenix Cardinals). Graham also caught a TD pass in the Saints' season opener. For those all-round sports fans interested in dual-sport athletes, check out's extensive research on college hoopsters who made a bigger name for themselves on the football field. You'll find previous standout tight ends who were regulars in basketball at the NCAA Division I level such as Mike Ditka (Pittsburgh), Rickey Dudley (Ohio State), Andrew Glover (Grambling), Ron Howard (Seattle), Marcus Pollard (Bradley), Pat Richter (Wisconsin) and Joe Senser (West Chester State).