Missing in Main Action: Simmons First AWOL Consensus A-A in 38 Years

Freshman phenom or flop. Last season, LSU's Ben Simmons was first NCAA consensus A-A in 38 years (since Minnesota's Mychal Thompson and Portland State's Freeman Williams in 1978) to leave college after failing to appear in either of the two principal national postseason tournaments during their career. After previously occurring frequently, Army's Kevin Houston (1987) had been the last All-American of any type to miss the NCAA tourney and NIT. Houston, Thompson and Williams are several of 23 four-year players among all A-As in this dubious category.

Simmons and fellow All-Americans Kay Felder (Oakland) and Markelle Fultz (Washington freshman this campaign) might have made bigger names for themselves if they had participated in national postseason competition prior to declaring early for the NBA draft. Fultz is the 126th standout from a member of an existing power league (26 of them consensus) on the following alphabetical list of All-Americans who never competed in the NCAA playoffs or NIT since the events were introduced in the late 1930s:

Player Position School Years All-American
Alvan Adams C Oklahoma 1974 and 1975
Jim Ashmore G Mississippi State 1957
Chet Aubuchon G Michigan State 1940
*Don Barksdale C UCLA 1947
Leo Barnhorst F-C-G Notre Dame 1949
John Barr G Penn State 1941
*Walt Bellamy C Indiana 1961
Gale Bishop F-C Washington State 1943
Bruno Boin F-C Washington 1957
George BonSalle C Illinois 1957
Wally Borrevik C Oregon State 1944
*Vince Boryla F-C Notre Dame/Denver 1949
Fred Boyd G Oregon State 1972
*Frank Burgess G Gonzaga 1961
Jim Burns G Northwestern 1967
Lawrence Butler G Idaho State 1979
*Leo Byrd F Marshall 1959
Bob Calihan C Detroit 1939
Dan Callandrillo G Seton Hall 1982
Joe Capua G Wyoming 1956
Tom Chilton F East Tennessee State 1961
*Doug Collins G Illinois State 1973
Russ Critchfield G California 1967
Billy Cunningham F North Carolina 1964 and 1965
*Chuck Darling C Iowa 1952
A.W. Davis F Tennessee 1965
Charlie Davis G Wake Forest 1971
***Terry Dischinger C-F Purdue 1960 through 1962
Bill Ebben F Detroit 1957
Paul Ebert C Ohio State 1952 through 1954
Frank Ehmann F Northwestern 1955
Bob Faris F George Washington 1939
Bob Faught C Notre Dame 1942
Kay Felder G Oakland 2016
Ken Flower G Southern California 1953
**Darrell Floyd G-F Furman 1955 and 1956
*Chet Forte G Columbia 1957
Don Freeman F Illinois 1966
**Robin Freeman G Ohio State 1955 and 1956
Markelle Fultz G Washington 2017
Terry Furlow F Michigan State 1976
*Dave Gambee F Oregon State 1958
*Dick Garmaker F Minnesota 1954 and 1955
Bill Garrett C Indiana 1951
Ed Gayda F Washington State 1950
Harold Gensichen F Western Michigan 1943
Ralph "Toddy" Giannini G Santa Clara 1940
Joe Gibbon F Mississippi 1957
Chester "Chet" Giermak C William & Mary 1950
**Otto Graham F Northwestern 1943 and 1944
**Dick Groat G Duke 1951 and 1952
**Dale Hall F Army 1944 and 1945
*Ralph Hamilton F Indiana 1947
Bill Hanson F-C Washington 1962
Vince Hanson C Washington State 1945
Bill Hapac F Illinois 1940
Jules "Skip" Harlicka G South Carolina 1968
Jerry Harper C-F Alabama 1956
*Spencer Haywood F-C Detroit 1969
**Fred Hetzel F-C Davidson 1963 through 1965
Joe Hobbs G Florida 1958
Paul Hoffman F-C Purdue 1947
Kevin Houston G Army 1987
Frank Howard C-F Ohio State 1957
**Bailey Howell F-C Mississippi State 1958 and 1959
Lou Hudson G-F Minnesota 1965 and 1966
*Dick Ives F Iowa 1944 and 1945
*Chester "Chet" Jaworski G Rhode Island State 1939
Ron Johnson C Minnesota 1959 and 1960
Vinnie Johnson G Baylor 1979
Paul Judson G Illinois 1956
Rich Kelley C Stanford 1975
*Walt Kirk G Illinois 1945
**Leo Klier F Notre Dame 1944 and 1946
Ed Koffenberger C-F Duke 1946 and 1947
Tom Kondla C Minnesota 1967
Ron Kramer C Michigan 1957
Dennis "Mo" Layton G Southern California 1971
Kevin Loder F Alabama State 1981
Stan Love C Oregon 1971
Jeff Malone G Mississippi State 1983
John Mandic C Oregon State 1942
Julius McCoy F Michigan State 1956
Banks McFadden C Clemson 1939
George McGinnis F Indiana 1971
*Jim McIntyre C Minnesota 1948 and 1949
Mark McNamara C California 1982
Carl McNulty C Purdue 1952
Chuck Mencel G Minnesota 1953 and 1955
Mike Mitchell F Auburn 1978
*Bill Mlkvy F Temple 1951
**Glen Max Morris C-F Northwestern 1945 and 1946
Jack Murdock G Wake Forest 1957
Phillip "Red" Murrell F Drake 1958
Don Nelson F-C Iowa 1961 and 1962
*Johnny Neumann F-G Mississippi 1971
Paul Neumann G Stanford 1959
Albert "Ab" Nicholas G Wisconsin 1952
Don Ohl G Illinois 1958
Frank Oleynick G Seattle 1975
Dick O'Neal C Texas Christian 1957
Bernie Opper G Kentucky 1939
**Kevin O'Shea G Notre Dame 1947 through 1950
Robert Parish C Centenary 1974 through 1976
Roger Phegley G-F Bradley 1978
Ricky Pierce F-G Rice 1982
Lou Pucillo G North Carolina State 1959
Dave Quabius G Marquette 1939
Ray Ragelis F-C Northwestern 1951
Jimmy Rayl G Indiana 1962 and 1963
Bob Rensberger G Notre Dame 1943
John Richter C North Carolina State 1959
Bill Ridley G Illinois 1956
Eddie Riska F Notre Dame 1941
Flynn Robinson G Wyoming 1965
Mike Robinson G Michigan State 1974
Wil Robinson G West Virginia 1972
Gene Rock F-G Southern California 1943
Marshall Rogers G Pan American 1976
Joe Ruklick C Northwestern 1959
**Dave Schellhase F Purdue 1965 and 1966
Harv Schmidt F Illinois 1957
Dave Scholz F Illinois 1969
Danny Schultz G Tennessee 1964
**Frank Selvy F Furman 1952 through 1954
*George Senesky F-G St. Joseph's 1943
*Bill Sharman G Southern California 1950
Gene Shue F Maryland 1953 and 1954
*Ben Simmons F-G Louisiana State 2016
Gary Simmons G Idaho 1958
Ralph Simpson F-G Michigan State 1970
Meyer "Whitey" Skoog F-G Minnesota 1949 through 1951
Doug Smart C-F Washington 1957 through 1959
Chris Smith C Virginia Tech 1960
Don Smith C Iowa State 1968
Glen Smith F Utah 1952
Forrest "Frosty" Sprowl F Purdue 1942
Bill Stauffer F-C Missouri 1952
Terry Teagle G-F Baylor 1982
Gary Thompson G Iowa State 1957
**Mychal Thompson F-C Minnesota 1977 and 1978
Rudy Tomjanovich F Michigan 1969 and 1970
Gene Tormohlen C Tennessee 1959
Walt Torrence G-F UCLA 1959
John Townsend F Michigan 1938
Vic "Slick" Townsend G-F Oregon 1941
Dick Van Arsdale F Indiana 1965
Tom Van Arsdale F Indiana 1965
Ernie Vandeweghe F Colgate 1949
*Grady Wallace F South Carolina 1957
Lou Watson F-G Indiana 1950
Nick Werkman F Seton Hall 1963
Paul Westphal G Southern California 1971 and 1972
*Murray Wier G-F Iowa 1948
Richard "Buzz" Wilkinson G Virginia 1955
*Freeman Williams G Portland State 1977 and 1978
Max Williams G Southern Methodist 1960
Sam Williams F Iowa 1968
*Mark Workman C West Virginia 1951 and 1952
George Yardley F Stanford 1950
Rich Yunkus C Georgia Tech 1970 and 1971

*Times named an NCAA consensus All-American.