Let's Roll: 16th Anniversary of 9/11 Beams Bright on Former Wheaton Hooper

Rather than wasting time dwelling on reprobate kneeling knucklehead NFL social scholars, ESPN's female version of Al "Not So" Sharpton, dismantling statues or cockroach hurricane looters, focus instead on college basketball having a contemplative connection to a sacred day (9/11). Oracle Corp account manager Todd Beamer, who collected 24 points and 12 rebounds as a sophomore guard for Wheaton (Ill.) in 1988-89, was traveling from New Jersey to California on United Airlines Flight 93 for a business meeting on September 11, 2001, when he was instrumental in leading a takeover by passengers from radical Islamic terrorists, forcing the plane down in Pennsylvania countryside about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Beamer and courageous cohorts were credited with foiling hijackers bent on crashing the Boeing 757 into a second target in Washington, D.C., possibly the Capitol or the White House. Beamer recited the 23rd Psalm with a GTE/Verizon supervisor over the plane's in-flight telephone before getting her via a gut-wrenching promise she would call his family. "I don't think we're going to get out of this thing," he told her. "I'm going to have to go out on faith." The phone line was still open when the operator heard him say following a gut-wrenching passenger vote: "Are you guys ready? Let's roll."

Beamer's bravery is a stark contrast to the Washington waffling exhibited by vacation-obsessed Congressmen, who still have not held sufficient number of the human debris in Libya and in U.S. accountable for additional 9/11 terrorism in Libya several years ago. Will they interview State Department stooges involved in silencing contractors? And now we're supposed to trust them amid the Syria and Iranian shenanigans. The stonewalling Obama Administration featuring #DirtyRice as unmasked panties-ta propagandist - either grossly incompetent or purposefully in "crude and disgusting" fraud - dealt with a terrorist assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi by shamelessly standing in front of caskets at an airport hangar (plus the White House press corps, the U.N. and national politically-oriented shows such as Meet the Depressed) offering an orchestrated al-Qaeda on-the-run narrative claiming the nondescript video was responsible for the murder of the American ambassador and three other Americans. Their most despicable act was regurgitating the same outrageous ruse face-to-face to grieving family members.

How authentic or outright evil were those narcissistic embraces from Big Balls Biden and fellow fatal finaglers? Any miserable individual who irrationally emphasized a movie lie in one-on-one conversations with mourners doesn't possess the dignity worthy of setting foot on White House grounds with a pooper scooper. Did you watch the disgusting displays by top State Department officials trying to deflect criticism during Congressional testimony concerning Benghazi? Their warped accountability equivalency for four murders was four relatively brief employee reassignments.

Incredibly, a Navy SEAL among the deceased violated stand-down orders to help save numerous individuals at the death-trap embassy and then fought the terrorists for 7 1/2 hours while his pleas for backup at a nearby annex were ignored by government officials real-time watching events unfold. Weeks and months later, the evasive apologist-in-chief and cowardly cronies were still striving to supply a cogent response to their deflect-and-deny sacrificial-lamb inaction all for the sake of propping up progressive policies.

Where's a photograph of the vaunted Obama Team deliberating at least 7 1/2 minutes or even 7 1/2 seconds during the Benghazi attack? Was Mr. Teleprompter even there at all to provide any input possibly "sending in the cavalry"? Bracing for a cross-country campaign trip, did malingerer "That's Not What We Do" go to bed while brave Americans were savaged or is it indeed "an irrelevant fact" less important than raising funds in Las Vegas? If not, then be transparent enough to at least conduct a stand-up, man-up press conference detailing what you did do during the "acting stupidly" stand-down. The Sgt. Schultz "I know nothing!" ploy simply isn't very becoming. Odds are he was tone deaf comparable to conducting five-year anniversary bank-default debacle of an event during the Navy Yard massacre in Building 197. If you can't be out campaigning to raise $197,000 or $197 million, then at least try to raise 197 political points.

Portraying the murderous attack in Benghazi, Libya, as if it occurred in the same war as the Battle of the Bulge, it might have been old news to "stylistic" Out House spokesperson Jay Blarney while the ex-TIME magazine Washington chief did his best zero-credibility imitation of Joseph Goebbels with a "hope and change (the topic)" routine hiding behind a phony scandal. But a classic example of the blame game and absence of accountability occurred when the feds were more concerned with detaining some obscure producer of an anti-Islamic film making light of the prophet Mohammed and DOJ threatened undercover FBI informant with jail regarding uranium collusion scandal. At least the dereliction-of-duty dunderheads didn't pull out the workplace-violence or man-made disaster card again during this convenient-truth process.

Infected by pop culture, reality shows, Al Bore's global-warming hoax and thrills going up noxious newscasters legs, the average shallow American dwells on Confederate statues, Angelina Jolie's mammary glands, the Kardashians' cans, #ShrillaryRotten's incessant excuses, Melania's stilettos, forlorn Amanda Knox's knife collection, Hollyweird and Gitmo hunger strikers but can't spell Benghazi or even know which continent it's located. When not exploiting children as human shields for an assortment of altruistic motives, our previous POTUS didn't mind hiding behind Her Thighness' pants suit via a YouTube film fabrication as her State Department lawyer told witnesses not to speak to House investigators. If you had a family member in dire straits pleading for assistance, would you rather summon support from brave Barry, Shrillary's truly deplorable hubris or Tyrone Woods?

The major TV networks and two principal liberal rags (New York Slimes and Washington Compost) refused to give coverage to a Fox News report acknowledging the Obama Administration denied aid multiple times to Americans attacked and murdered by terrorists in Benghazi on September 11 of all days. If they withheld evidence (such as emails from the National Security Advisor's office telling a counter-terrorism unit to stand down), they're as corrupt in a cover-up as the administration's self-righteous Siskel & Ebert wannabees more concerned with monitoring content of "Bible-clinger" prayers, doctoring talking points, collective salvation promotion and muzzling Benghazi survivors (forced to sign non-disclosure agreements) than transparency with the public.

Why didn't the lapdog media do its job and press the Benghazi issue providing accountable answers to the many questions accruing about what precisely occurred in the Celebrity-in-Chief's chamber? Why does the vast majority of establishment media remain so disinterested in pursuing the litany of "jaw-dropping" misstatements and dissembling regarding what was known before and after the Benghazi horror?

What really happened during #ShrillaryRotten's sordid State Department regime? In an effort to help the buffoonish media shine the light of truth on the Benghazi bungling and scrubbed-a-dozen-times talking points, following are basic "who/what/when/why/where" questions for which the public still deserves answers via the president's acolytes:
* Who changed the original talking points and concocted "the (fanciful) spontaneous reaction" to a YouTube video explanation for the attack (framed before the final two deaths) and did the same individual help orchestrate a coordinated response at various venues in the days and weeks immediately following said attack?
* What portion of the entire 7 1/2 hours of the attack did POTUS himself spend in the Situation Room and was he directly involved with multiple "stand-down" orders while the attacks were in place? Perhaps he was too busy playing Spades again with body man Reggie Love.
* When precisely did POTUS and/or his national security staff first become aware that an attack was underway at the Benghazi compound? What happened at WH meeting with "key national security principals" the day before the attack?
* Why was the Obama Administration's response so lax despite an unmanned drone providing real-time live video feed of the scene?
* Where is evidence of the "Betray Us" administration's responses to repeated pleas to strengthen security for Americans in Libya, not only from the State Department security chief and man on the ground in charge of security, but from the ambassador?

Did previous POTUS and his administration, amid their color-coordinated red line and yellow streak, do everything humanly possible before and during the attack to protect and help these heroes? The Drone Ranger could also have been asked what did give-me-a-break trusted "comrade" Clinton mean when the former Secretary of State callously said during testimony: "What difference does it make?" Insofar as she wasn't interviewed by the less-than-thorough accountability review board, the difference could be a little honesty with the country's citizens vs. cover-up deception with much of the misguided media serving as corrupt accomplices. In a twisted version of Obama "care," the #MessMedia seemed as careless in unearthing authentic autopsy results for a virtually defenseless Ambassador Stevens as the administration was in resolutely rendering justice to the incorrigible Islamic perpetrators.

The "buck" couldn't find any place to stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during Obama's reign. Amid trying to discern his State Department protocol during an attack, there was a preposterous assertion from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that "assets couldn't get there (Benghazi) in time." Did pandering Panetta also commiserate with an omniscient Eleanor regarding upper-brass orders to save Americans? How did he know with such authority the length of "time" the siege would take as they fought for their lives? Maybe he was too busy on other travel-time matters planning his next cross-country commute home to California at tax-payer expense on military jets. Did this leech-filled leadership just cut their losses and "run" (let them die) rather than risk additional casualties?

The mangy media seems to serve as little more than the Praetorian Guard for liberal lunacy smearing whistle-blowers crestfallen over the "abandoned" murders of innocent colleagues. Clinton's credibility should be in shambles, but the press pays lip service to taking her to task, allowing #QueenofDenial to weigh in with alleged expertise on Syria on the anniversary of the Benghazi bungling. But if you've got a moral compass at all on 9/11, ignore the hypocrites and invest your time, emotion, energy and devotion elsewhere. It's a time to "roll" with the families of Beamer and his courageous cohorts; not shill for Shrillary and her contemptible "what-difference-does-it-make" cowardice. Do you aspire to affiliate with #MAGA "shining city on a hill" or unmask the "it-takes-a-village-idiot" crowd promoting climate-change crap after couple of hurricanes?