Keene Advantage: MAC Contributes Nation's Top Scorer First Time in 53 Years

Central Michigan junior guard Marcus Keene (30 ppg) became the first Mid-American Conference player since Bowling Green guard Howard Komives (36.7 in 1963-64) to lead the nation in scoring. Keene, the most dominant scorer in single season thus far in 21st Century, is only the eighth different individual to pace the country by more than 4.8 ppg in scoring average in the first 70 campaigns since the NCAA began tracking this category in the late 1940s. His entry into the NBA draft as an undergraduate squandered an opportunity to emerge as the only dominating point producer in this select company other than all-time leading scorer Pete Maravich (three of six widest margins with LSU from 1967-68 through 1969-70) to make the following list more than once:

NCAA DI Leading Scorer Season National Scoring Runner-Up Scoring Margin
Pete Maravich, Louisiana State (44.2) 1968-69 Rick Mount, Purdue (33.3) 10.87 ppg
Frank Selvy, Furman (41.7) 1953-54 Bob Pettit, Louisiana State (31.4) 10.29 ppg
Hersey Hawkins, Bradley (36.3) 1987-88 Daren Queenan, Lehigh (28.5) 7.84 ppg
Pete Maravich, Louisiana State (44.5) 1969-70 Austin Carr, Notre Dame (38.1) 6.41 ppg
Marshall Rogers, Pan American (36.8) 1975-76 Freeman Williams, Portland State (30.9) 5.87 ppg
Pete Maravich, Louisiana State (43.8) 1967-68 Calvin Murphy, Niagara (38.2) 5.6 ppg
Billy McGill, Utah (38.8) 1961-62 Jack Foley, Holy Cross (33.3) 5.5 ppg
Charles Jones, Long Island (30.1) 1996-97 Ed Gray, California (24.8) 5.33 ppg
Kevin Bradshaw, U.S. International (37.6) 1990-91 Alphonso Ford, Mississippi Valley State (32.7) 4.96 ppg
Marcus Keene, Central Michigan (30) 2016-17 Chris Clemons, Campbell (25.1) 4.86 ppg