Degrees of Success: Do Players Call Them Coach or Mr. Smarty Pants?

Drawing upon all of their coaching resources to motivate a club, the majority of NCAA Division I practices feature a torrent of four-letter words. But there are some coaches boasting four-star educational backgrounds that should impress intellectually-stimulated players valuing a diploma. New San Jose State coach Jean Prioleau, a physics major, joined the following list of active head coaches with degrees not usually connected to athletic pursuits:

Division I Coach Current School Bachelor's Master's
Chris Beard Texas Tech Kinesiology
Dr. John Giannini La Salle Psychology P.E./Sports Psychology
Mike Jones Radford Zoology
Danny Kaspar Texas State Kinesiology Mathematics
Eric Konkol Louisiana Tech Kinesiology
Jay Ladner Southeastern Louisiana Pre-Medicine/Biology Educational Administration
Niko Medved Drake Kinesiology Sport Management
Andre Payne Mississippi Valley State Mechanical Engineering Technology Human Performance and Sports
Jean Prioleau San Jose State Physics
Dr. Brett Reed Lehigh Literature Instructional Technology
Ryan Ridder Bethune-Cookman Aerospace Studies Sports Management
Buzz Williams Virginia Tech Kinesiology Kinesiology