Endorsements Regarding Content in CollegeHoopedia.com

Collating the information in this enterprising collection is Mike Douchant, the author of the Encyclopedia of College Basketball and Tourney Time With Dick Vitale. The one-time small-college recruit of eventual NCAA top cop David Berst (MacMurray IL) previously served as basketball editor for The Sporting News and helped create Lindy's Basketball Yearbooks. Following are endorsements from experts across the nation regarding Douchant's deliberate work over the years:

"A super job! Love your data! The research is AWESOME BABY, with a capital A! Douchant has a passion for college hoops and it is obvious in his work." - ESPN analyst Dick Vitale

"Research is outstanding. It is material that can give great insight to all who really love the game." - Former CBS analyst Billy Packer

"Information is incredible. This is an excellent resource for anyone who considers themselves a true basketball fan. We've all heard of March Madness, but how about Mike (Douchant) Madness! I can't believe this man's wonderful research on college basketball." - CBS announcer Jim Nantz

"If a mad scientist were in a laboratory assembling the ultimate hoops fanatic, he would be sure to include Douchant's head. For years, those of us who follow college basketball have known Douchant as the `Prince of Pertinent Poop.' If you're wondering who did what, which March he did it, or even what sneaker he wore when he did it, you'll find it here." - Sports Illustrated senior writer Alexander Wolff

"Holy volumes! You've certainly outdone yourself. I can't believe the scope of the material. This is an absolutely incredible compilation of data. There's no question that this is GREAT stuff. You have covered every conceivable aspect." - Former Sporting News senior editor Joe Hoppel

"A quality, quality package. This is a dream for anybody who follows college basketball. Wonderful. The best I've seen." - World Features Syndicate

"Hoop enthusiasts will relish this cornucopia of data regardless of whether the reader is a seasoned armchair veteran or a novice fan. It's a guaranteed three-pointer. This definitive guide contains everything the reader needs to know." - Library Journal

"True to its billing: `Complete Guide to College Hoops.' Douchant leaves no stone unturned in this anthology to the college game. If you are a fan of college basketball you will want to take a look at this fine collection of stories, statistics and lore." - E-Sports!

"Douchant captures the excitement of college basketball. This highly-readable guide offers an astounding amount of information and insight for avid fans." - Book Store/www.cbs.sportsline.com

"The information provider is a rare and valuable breed. They seek to use their expertise to educate and explain their sports, often through the use of statistics. They obsess over the mechanics and details of the sport, breaking down why teams won and lost. They sift through and present stats in fascinating ways. The best I can think of in college basketball is Douchant." - www.dukebasketballreport.com

"You are the greatest basketball researcher on the face of the earth." - Eastern Washington University SID Dave Cook

"It's a winner. Fantastic job of dredging every kind of record and piece of fascinating trivia out of the tournament. So much intriguing information." - Scholastic Coach

"Interesting and informative. Easy to look up those facts from past Final Fours which are right there on the tip of your memory, but beyond recall." - Poop Sheet

"OK, college basketball junkies: Here's your guide to the NCAA Final Four. A potpourri of records, statistics, anecdotes and interviews. Fans will love this. Filled with facts and figures, people and places." - Indianapolis Star & News

"Excellent and entertaining all-purpose reference guide. Facts, anecdotes, rankings and lots of historical goodies." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz

"The information that you have compiled is incredibly useful and essential for diehard basketball fans." - Russell Athletic promotions administrator Michael W. Gann

"Everything you ever wanted to know about the NCAA Tournament but were afraid to ask. Overflows with March Madness trivia and statistical analysis. Countless tidbits are readily available at your fingertips, thanks to the exhaustive researching efforts of Douchant. Nothing short of a museum, featuring enough history and statistics to make even the most ardent hoop-a-holic say, `Oh yeah. . . I'd forgotten about that.'" - College Sports Magazine

"'The Bible' on the subject (college basketball). Contemporary research has been helped immensely." - Historian Peter C. Bjarkman/ACC Basketball

"Wonderful trip through the history of the sport. Filled with interesting, meaningful and oft long-forgotten facts. The charm of the prose is in its fact-filled but concise style. Fount of fascinating information presented in language that will entertain and never bore the reader. Introduce yourself to this marvelous compilation. It's more fun that watching an Arkansas-Princeton game and trying to figure out whose 40 minutes are hellish." - Eastern Basketball columnist Frank Bilovsky

"Excellent reference work functions on a number of levels as an encyclopedia, a directory, a statistical compendium, a chronology, and a history of the sport." - Booklist

"Douchant's passion for the game is contagious. In this insightful and highly-readable guide, he captures all the excitement, exploring college basketball in exhaustive detail." - Ingram

"A must-have bargain for those who enjoy basketball and count on reference (material)." - Oklahoma City Oklahoman

"You've got a lot of meat there." - Sports historian John Duxbury, the longtime "Answer Man" for The Sporting News

"Very enlightening and interesting." - CBS commentator Clark Kellogg